[3 Samples] for Bank Account Close Application in 2022

Are you trying to figure out how to write a bank account close application? There is no need to be concerned because there are a few suggestions that may assist you in efficiently writing a letter to shut a bank account. Closing a bank account is a major problem for the majority of us.

Even if the procedure is straightforward, you must ensure that it is carried out correctly to avoid any problems in the future. People frequently neglect to include critical information, resulting in a lengthy procedure and rejection.

If you have a financial background, you will understand why it is critical to shut the bank account according to the right method. Writing an official letter and handing it over to the branch manager where you are a client is a common step in closing your bank account and bank account close application.

We’ve covered the entire process of canceling your bank account in this post, as well as supplied a sample of bank account close application letters to help you out.

Роints tо Remember While Writing аn Аррliсаtiоn fоr Сlоsing Bаnk Ассоunt

  • Being аn оffiсiаl dосument, yоur аррliсаtiоn letter shоuld be соnсise аnd сleаr.
  • The subjeсt heаding соuld be Сlоsure оf sаvings bаnk ассоunt.
  • Mentiоn yоur identity аnd bаnk ассоunt detаils withоut а miss.
  • The аррliсаtiоn is usuаlly аddressed tо yоur bаnk brаnсh mаnаger.
  • Yоu needs tо return yоur раssbооk, debit саrds, сheсkbооk, аnd аny оther belоnging with yоur аррliсаtiоn letter.
  • Yоu mаy need tо furnish а рhоtосорy оf yоur identity саrd.
  • Сheсk yоur ассоunt bаlаnсe befоre аррlying fоr сlоsure.
  • Bаnk mаy сhаrge yоu а nоminаl fee fоr the рrосedure.

Requirements fоr сlоsing the bаnk ассоunt

Here is а list оf the things thаt yоu must рreраre befоre writing the аррliсаtiоn fоr сlоsing bаnk ассоunt:

  • Bаnk ассоunt number
  • Ассоunt hоlder Nаme аnd signаture
  • Оriginаl сheque bооk
  • Оriginаl Раssbооk
  • АTM саrd
  • Сredit саrd аnd аdditiоnаl саrds if issued
  • Identifiсаtiоn рrооf suсh аs Ааdhаr саrd, vоter ID саrd, Раssроrt, Раn Саrd
  • Аddress рrооf fоr exаmрle Vоter ID саrd аnd Ааdhаr Саrd, Раssроrt

Make sure you have the originals of all of these papers, as well as two photocopies, before heading to your bank branch. With all of these materials, canceling your bank account should be rather simple. Furthermore, a few banks levy a bank account closure fee, which must be paid before the account is closed.

Sample Applications for Closing Bank Account

Now that you know what paperwork you’ll need and how to cancel your bank account, you can get started. The next major step is to write a letter to close the bank account.

Though it appears to be a simple chore, it must be completed with great care since it contains all of the information about the bank account you wish to terminate as well as other important information. Here are some examples of letters to shut bank accounts that you may use:

Bank Account Close Application Sample-1

The Manager
Punjab National Bank
Branch- Dadri Rd. Delhi,
New Delhi
Sub: Closure of Savings Bank Account No. XXXX235897XX


With relation to my above-mentioned savings bank account number with your branch, I am prepared to terminate my account because I no longer require it. Along with the application, I am relinquishing my Passbook, ATM Card, and unused cheque leaves. Please pay the remaining payment in cash.

Thank You
Yours faithfully
Mrs. Kratika Panewal
Date- 25/10/2021
Address- Flat No. XX Amrita Vihar,Janakpuri

Bank Account Close Application Sample-2


The Manager
Canara Bank
Branch- Topsey Road Kolkata
Sub: Closure of Savings Bank Account No. XXXX56841000XX

Please shut my current account (Account No. XXXXX56841000XX, CIF NO.XXXXXXX589, IFS Code- CBB458XX) with your lender in the name of Mr. Saikat Debnath, the residence of 589 Robert Halison Road, Kolkata 700076, which I have had in your branch for the last six years. For a long time, I was unable to operate the account, and I regret that I was unable to do so.

This is also to advise you that, along with my application, I am surrendering my bank passbook, checkbook, and debit card.
I am including a self-attested photocopy of my voter identification card as confirmation of my identity. As a result, I respectfully request that you initiate a bank transfer of my present balance to my other account. The account’s details are listed below.

Thank You
Yours faithfully
Mr. Gaurav Ganguly
Date- 02/07/2020
Address- 589 Robert Halinson Road, Kolkata

Bank Account Close Application Sample-3

The Manager
Punjab National Bank
Branch- Indira Nagar, Lucknow,
Sub: Closure of Savings Bank Account No. XXXXX12000147XX

I’ve had a savings account here for five years.XXXXX12000147XX is my account number. I am unable to maintain the required amount and do not use this account for financial transfers.
I’d like to terminate their account right now. Please terminate the account and credit the funds to my account through a cash/debit card.

Thanking You
Yours faithfully
Paridhi Bhatia
Date- 02/07/2020
Address- Indira Nagar near Ekon Hospital, Lucknow


When drafting a bank account close application, many people fail to include important information. Writing an official letter to the manager and handing it over to the management by walking into the branch where your account is located are the activities that take place while canceling a bank account.

Closing our bank accounts correctly might be one of our most pressing issues, especially if we are unfamiliar with the financial and banking systems. Frequently, we are unsure about the addressee and important items to put in a bank account closure application. Furthermore, banks do not want to lose their precious consumers, therefore they aim to keep the procedure as hazy as possible.

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