Bigg Boss 16 Day 52 updates: Sumbul’s father warns her against Tina and Shalin, Shiv becomes new captain of the house! | Television News

New Delhi: It’s another day at the Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates! The day begins with Archana saying that Tina and Shalin’s relationship is fake. Bigg Boss calls Sumbul into the confession room and she gets to talk to her father. She says there is nothing between her and Shalin. Her father asks her to stay away from Shalin and Tina. He calls her a lioness. He says you get nominated and we will save you but stay away from Tina and Shalin at any cost. Bigg Boss says this conversation was initiated because of special circumstances and you should not deviate from the main point. Sumbul says to Sajid that I want to be the captain.  

Housemates discuss about Tina and Shalin’s relationship. Soundarya asks Shalin and Tina about the status of their relation.  

Bigg Boss announces that the new captain will be either from Room of 2 and 3. Thus, Abdu, Shiv and Nimrit will fight for captaincy. In the game, the contestants will control the ‘shaitani khopdi’ and can ask the contenders to do any task. 

Sajid will be the moderator of this game. Nimrit says to Sajid that it is important for her to become captain this time. Priyanka comes first and asks Nimrit to do 100 push-ups. Priyanka and Nimrit get into an argument over it. Priyanka says Nimrit is cheating. Nimrit gets ousted from the task as she removed her mic twice. Archana asks Shiv to take a full bowl of salt and eat it. Sajid, however, cancels the task. Then she asks him to drink three bottles of water. Task ends, however, Shiv is not able to complete it. 

Ankit asks Abdu to eat red chilis, however, Sajid cancels it. He then asks him to drink two raw eggs. He does it successfully. He asks Sajid and Abdu to kiss each other. Sajid cancels saying they are heterosexual. The house goes into total chaos as Ankit gives another task and Sajid keeps on changing. Sumbul says to Shiv that I don’t want to be in the kitchen with Tina.  

Bigg Boss asks Tina, Shalin and Soundarya to collectively decide the new captain. After much deliberation, they decide that Shiv will be the new captain.  

Shalin says Abdu will always favour Sajid, that’s I went for Shiv. Bigg Boss says the people staying in room of two will be saved from nominations and will serve as cooks while others will be the junta. Shiv saves Tina and Nimrit from nominations. Archana and Soundarya discuss that Tina just fakes about hygiene while she is not so hygienic.  

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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