Bigg Boss 16 Day 53 updates: Archana and Tina fight over cleanliness, MC Stan, Ankit, Sumbul, Soundarya and Archana get nominated | Television News

New Delhi: It’s another day at Bigg Boss house and it starts with the morning anthem. Tina and Archana get into an argument over cleanliness. Tina says I’m the one who keeps the room clean. Archana says Sumbul works the most. Nimrit says Archana instigated Tina by taking Sumbul’s name. Shalin says to Sumbul that you, Tina and I have the strongest bond. Sumbul says it’s not right. Sumbul and Shalin get into an argument and she starts crying. Tina says I’m going to make Sumbul’s life hell now and says she is fake.  

Bigg Boss says there is a killer in this house. Anyone from Shiv, Tina and Nimrit will can become the killer. Two people will come to the killer with a belonging of the other. The contestant who gets killed by the killer will get nominated. In the first round, Bigg Boss makes Shiv the killer while one person from Archana and Priyanka will be killed. Shiv decides to kill Archana and she gets nominated. Tina is the next killer who will kill either Sajid or Ankit. Tina kills Ankit as he sleeps most of the time while Sajid is very involved and has been a good captain as well. Ankit gets nominated. 

In the third round, its Nimrit who has to kill either Shalin or Sumbul. Meanwhile, Tina and Abdu engage in a playful banter. Nimrit shoots Sumbul and nominates her. In the last round, Shiv is the killer while he has to nominate either Abdu or Soundarya.  

Shalin says to Nimrit that I will never do anything bad to you. She says I saved you because I feel you deserve to stay inside more than Sumbul. Shiv decides to kill Soundarya and she gets nominated. Hence, Archana, Ankit, Sumbul, Soundarya and MC Stan (as a result of punishment) get nominated for eviction. 

Tina accidently leaves the stove on and gets scolded by Bigg Boss. Shalin asks her if he should talk to Sumbul to which she says he shouldn’t put these things on her. Tina feels Shalin is worried what if Sumbul gets evicted and hence, he is trying to find alliance in Soundarya.   

Bigg Boss asks Archana to stand in the garden area. He says she is more interested in outside world then the Bigg Boss house. He asks to go to every housemate and say that I am not able to understand whatever Bigg Boss says to me. Abdu cries and asks for chocolate.  

Abdu says Archana did not clean his washroom. Archana gets into an argument with Shiv over this. He says she is enraged because he nominated her. Archana dumps garbage bag in Tina’s room. Tina gets enraged. Archana gets into an argument with Nimrit and Tina over cleanliness. All the housemates argue over what’s clean and what’s not.   

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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