BMTC bus pass online application in 2022

Those days are gone when people had to wait in a large line to get a Bmtc Bus Pass, a month-to-month pass, a day-to-day pass, or other passes. Almost everything these days is available online, from booking a Bmtc reservation to checking the status of a transportation pass.

We’re here to provide you with all of the information you’ll need to apply for a Bmtc bus pass in 2021, so you won’t have to waste time seeking elsewhere.

BMTC(Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) is a government-run organization that operates and manages all public transportation in Bengaluru.

According to BMTC’s overseeing supervisor, C.Shikha, the company has the most extensive number of Volvo transportation advantages throughout the country.

Bmtc’s transportation management system is top-of-the-line and integrates with nearly every aspect of the city. Within the city, there are 34 transportation stations, as well as three primary transportation stations. The BMTC Bus service runs from 5:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.After 12 p.m., another Bmtc night transport administration is in operation, which addresses a couple of issues related to Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport.

The BMTC bus pass is a well-known public transportation pass that is commonly used by day-to-day travelers, students, and government employees. It is a route by which you can travel from your home to your schools, universities, office or another working environment within the city.

Before applying for a BMTC transportation pass, figure out how many consecutive days you wish to travel or use BMTC transportation to get to your destination. The more you go to different parts of the country, the more money you save on tickets.

A BMTC bus pass can be obtained from any of Bangalore’s public transportation terminals. When you arrive at any of the nearby transportation stations, you must complete the transport pass structure and submit it to the counter, together with all of the necessary documentation.

BMTC Bus Pass Appointment

The Government of Karnataka has chosen to dispatch a BMTC bus pass appointment via the web due to several situations and to save time. Following this exercise, it has become a very simple assignment that ensures you follow the step-by-step method.

  • The primary connection appears in the query item when you snap on it.
  • It will take you to the main site, or you can click here to get straight to it.
  • On the website, you must fill in the following details:
  • Number of the application
  • Please enter your application number.
  • Stations of Public Transportation
  • Time and Date
  • Name of the understudy
  • Name of the Foundation for Portable Numbers
  • After accurately presenting all of the data, request an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP in the popup box, and your arrangement is now complete.
  • You will receive a confirmation on both your enrolled mobile number and your enrolled email address.

BMTC Student Bus Pass

As we all know, Covid-19 has forced all educational institutions around the country to close. In any event, understudies’ education isn’t over yet. The Karnataka government will open schools one at a time in the coming year. For undergrads, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation will present the BMTC bus pass application.

Understudies can use their previous pass to get from home to school until they receive a new transportation pass. According to reports from the government, the majority of universities are resuming classes.

Significantly, the Bangalore administration has decided that starting next year, understudies will be able to travel to school or educational institutions from their homes using their previous BMTC bus pass. Now that the majority of the institutions are about to reopen, the BMTC has begun issuing transportation passes to students via an internet-based application.

The Bangalore government has decided that understudies can use their previous transit pass to travel from their home to their educational establishment. C. Shika, the BMTC’s chief, has encouraged understudies to apply for a bmtc student pass for 2021-22 on the internet. Students should get their transportation pass from the BMTC center and then travel using their previous transportation pass.

When graduate students apply for a bmtc student bus pass, they must wait for a time slot to be allotted to them in order to obtain the transportation pass. The public authority was made aware of this in order to keep the group in line. For a BMTC day by day transport pass 2022, the basic rate starts at Rs.80.

Another option is to purchase Rs. 5 tickets from the conductor, which will be charged for 2 km of travel and the subsequent charge will be determined by the distance traveled. The highest cost within 40 kilometers is Rs.30. This way, you can choose from any of the options.

The cost of a Bangalore transit pass has been updated as a result of new rules released by the Karnataka government. We’ve broken down the pass rate into three categories: processing costs, transportation pass rate, and the total amount to pay. Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is the abbreviation for Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

It is one of the offices for Bengaluru citizens that is linked to the car office. We’re here right now to give you the most recent news, which is essentially Pass Faulty. Each transportation office issues passes to day-to-day suburbanites, and with the help of this idiot, you can move from one spot to the next with only the pass. The fee for the pass should be paid once.

So now we’ll show you how to apply for a bmtc student pass online, bmtc transport pass online application 2021, bmtc understudy transport pass 2021 restoration online, and bmtc student bus pass 2021.

  • All understudies of Karnataka state get BMTC Appointment for transport pass online to head out from their home to instructive foundation.
  • For online application 2021, you should visit the BMTC focus which is nearest to you.
  • The overseeing overseer of BMTC has said that assuming an understudy needs to get a transport pass, he can go to middle in Bangalore.
  • At the point when you react to this transport pass office, some significant archives ought to be with you. Without the essential records, the BMTC focus won’t permit you any transport pass.
  • All understudies of schools and universities can apply for this Bmtc bus pass arrangement.


                            Pass PriceProcessing Fee Total amountValidity
Professional & College Students Pass

(Diploma, ITI, Nursing, Degree,etc)






Till August 2022


SC/ST Professional & College Students PassFree200Till August 2022
Technical/Medical Students Pass14001600Till August 2022
SC/ST Technical/Medical Students Pass Free200200Till August 2022
Evening/PHD College Students Pass12351435Till August 2022
SC/ST Evening/PHD College Students Pass








Till August 2022


How To Apply BMTC Bus Pass Online

The procedure is quite straightforward, and you can complete it from your cell phone or from a workstation. Before proceeding, double-check that you have all of the necessary information on hand, such as your ID confirmation, institution confirmation number, or expense receipt.

When you have all of the information, follow the procedures below to apply for an online application:

  • Visit the official website of the BMTC bus pass
  • There you will see a choice in the most recent news area Student Pass 2021 (Institution Registration)
  • Snap-on the Student Pass 2021 (Institution Registration) interface.
  • It will divert you to the login page
  • In the Next advance, you need to enter your Username and Password and enter the manual human test code. Then, at that point, click on Sign in.

When you have effectively login into the dashboard there you can see the application structure. Presently you need to fill the data accurately. After that transfer your record and your most recent identification type photo.

Finally, you will get an application number alongside the assigned date and time for the arrangement. You can likewise pick the closest Bmtc office from your home.

How To Check BMTC Bus Pass Application Status

Currently, once you have applied for a transportation pass, the next step is to check the status. To get a true picture of the situation, go to the authority site and keep an eye on Online Services. Here are the simple procedures to verify the status of your BMTC bus pass application.

Students who want to get a bus pass can now do so by visiting the official website. All college and high school students can obtain a BMTC bus pass and ride the BMTC buses. The BMTC buses have resumed service on their old routes, and now anyone can ride these buses by purchasing a bus pass online. The BMTC buses are on the roads to assist students and citizens in getting to their offices, schools, and universities on schedule. By visiting the official website, students can obtain a new bus pass.

  • You will, however, receive a receipt once you have successfully presented your application.
  • You’ll have to wait for approval from the establishment/BMTC Office. (Your enrolled email address/versatile number will receive an authority message)
  • Go to the website.
  • Go to the Student Pass option.
  • At the bottom of your screen, click to look at the status of your application.
  • The status of your transportation pass.
  • Enter the application number that was sent to your mobile phone.

The next step is to book an arrangement after the endorsement warning has been sent to your phone number. You must pay by credit card, Visa, or net banking at the installment entrance. Following the installation, a confirmation message and email will be sent.

You will be able to see the application form after successfully logging in. Complete all of the fields accurately. Upload your document as well as your most recent passport-style photo. Finally, you will be given an application number as well as an appointment day and time. You can also choose the Bmtc office that is nearest to your residence.

BMTC Bus Pass Registration Application Form

Fill out the application form with the student’s name, father’s name, caste, institution type, address, date of birth, gender, and other information. Name of mother, RD number (required for SC/ST students), Pin Code, Year, Mobile number, and Aadhaar number.

You must provide all of your information, including your enrollment number. Documents for admissions are either given to you during the admissions process or can be found under your receipt. Fill in your date of birth, full name, and gender in the field under Student Name.

If you do not belong to a certain caste, leave the caste selection blank. Alternatively, select your caste and provide your certificate number in the following field. After that, decide on the type of institution you want to work for. Fill out all of the fields and choose the shift you want to work. You can use the instructions below to follow in online mode.

You will be required to submit all appropriate documents as part of the application procedure, including your Aadhaar card, institution fee receipt, admission receipt, caste certificate (not applicable for the General category), and current address evidence.

  • Fill in the fee amount.
  • Select a stop from the drop-down list of via 1 to via 2 stops to enter the travel route details.
  • Upload supporting papers such as the applicant’s photo, Adhaar card, and school/college fee receipt in the document area.
  • Pay for a bus pass online by clicking Send OTP to the registered mobile phone.
  • Take a printout of the application form and fee receipt for future reference.
  • You must download the MyBMTC mobile app to make use of numerous features. Continue reading to learn how to get the BMTC Smartphone app.


Assuming you need to go for the recharging of your Bmtc transport pass 2021, finishing something very similar on the Internet is a decent choice as it saves time from holding up in a long line at the BMTC bus pass.

Your transport pass has nearly gone to expiry and you should get the equivalent recharged before its last date and takes as much time as is needed to totally finish the cycle. The restoration interaction is straightforward work to do, as you don’t have to fill an application structure which is very exhausting and befuddling.

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