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Charles Sobhraj Wiki: Born on April 6, 1944, Charles Gurumukh Sobhraj Hotchand Bhawnani is a French serial killer, con artist, and thief who preyed on Western tourists traveling through South Asia on the hippie trail in the 1970s. Due to the attire of several of his victims, he earned the nicknames “the Bikini Killer,” “the Splitting Killer,” and “the Serpent.” Both of these nicknames refer to “his snake-like ability to avoid detection by authorities.” At least 20 tourists from South and Southeast Asia, including 14 from Thailand, are believed to have been murdered by Sobhraj. In India, he was found guilty and imprisoned from 1976 to 1997. He retired following his release, promoting his notoriety in Paris. In 2003, Sobhraj went back to Nepal, where he was taken into custody, tried, and given a life sentence.

This face must have recently appeared in newspapers or social media. He is in the news because he was freed from Nepal after 19 years in captivity. He was given a life sentence by the Nepal Supreme Court in 2003 for the murder of an American tourist in the Himalayas. Examine Charles Sobhraj’s biography, case history, family, and age, as well as the reasons why he was freed after killing more than ten people.

Charles Sobhraj Wiki

Charles Sobhraj is a serial killer who was born on April 6, 1944. He is of Indian and Vietnamese descent, and in 1970, while he was on the hippie trail, he robbed, robbed, and killed Western tourists. Due to his evasion during the arrest, he is also known as the splitting Killer. He wed Chantal Compagnon, and in 2010 he wed Nihita Biswas while incarcerated. She worked as an Indian-Nepali translator. Usha Sobhraj is the name of his one daughter.

The criminal has become well-known as a well-known criminal. He has contributed to numerous non-fiction books’ subject matter. His crimes and escape have been the subject of films and web series. Thomas Thompson’s Serpentine, Noel Barber’s The Bikini Murders, and Richard Neville and Julie Clarke’s The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj are all books about Raj.

Later, the plot for the television movie Australia’s Shadow of the Cobra was based on this book. Main Aur Charles was the title of a Bollywood film that was released in 2015. The character Charles, a serial killer who exudes charm, served as the basis for. Adil Hussain played Amod Kanth, Richa Chadha played Mira Sharma, Tisca Chopra played Reena, and Randeep Hooda played Charles Sobhraj. Another British miniseries script, “The Serpent,” by BBC, was recently made available on Netflix in 2021. Charles is played by Tahir Rahim, and Marie Andree is played by Jeena Coleman.

Charles Sobhraj Wiki

Charles Sobhraj Wiki Details

Charles Sobhraj Biodata

Gender Male
Date of Birth 6 Apr 1944
Age in 2023 79
Birth Place India
Country India
Nationality Indian
Height None
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession Criminal

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.) centimeters172 cm
meters– 1.72 m
feet & inches– 5 Feet 8 Inches
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Salt & Pepper

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Charles Sobhraj’s Family Detail

Sobhraj’s parents were Vietnamese and Indian when he was born in Saigon. His father denied paternity, and his parents never got married. Sobhraj, who was stateless at first, was adopted by the new husband of his mother, a French Army lieutenant in French Indochina. He felt abandoned there in favor of the couple’s subsequent children. With his family, Sobhraj continued to move between Southeast Asia and France.

Spouse First spouse: Chantal Compagnon
Second spouse: Nihita Biswas
 Children Son– Pranck
Daughter – Muriel Anouk
 Parents Father– Sobhraj Hatchard Bavani
Mother– Tran Loang Phun
Adoptive/Step Father- Lieutenant Alphonse Darreau
Siblings Half-Brother– André Darreau


He married Nihita Biswas, an Indian-Nepali interpreter, in prison in 2010. She was 44 years his junior and the 20-year-old daughter of his lawyer. In 2021, a member of the prison staff told Paris Match: It’s a myth; Their union cannot be established. She stated to the media that his eyes and gaze were captivating and that his French charm had accomplished everything; She gave blood in 2017 to save him during an open heart surgery.

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Sobhraj’s parents were Vietnamese and Indian when he was born in Saigon. His father denied paternity, and his parents never got married. Sobhraj, who was stateless at first, was adopted by the new husband of his mother, a French Army lieutenant in French Indochina. He felt abandoned there in favor of the couple’s subsequent children. With his family, Sobhraj continued to move between Southeast Asia and France.

He began committing minor offenses as an adolescent; He was convicted of burglary for the first time in 1963 and served time in the Poissy prison near Paris. Sobhraj used manipulation to get special favors while he was in prison, like being allowed to keep books in his cell. Felix d’Escogne, a wealthy young man and prison volunteer, met him around the same time, and he liked him. In 1973, Sobhraj was arrested and jailed after an unsuccessful attempt to rob a jeweler at Hotel Ashoka.

With Compagnon’s assistance, Sobhraj was able to fake illness and escape, but he was soon captured again. He quickly fled to Kabul after borrowing money from his father for bail. Sobhraj went on the run for the next two years, using up to ten stolen passports. He traveled through Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and other nations. In Istanbul, André, Sobhraj’s younger half-brother, joined him. Sobhraj and André became criminal partners, engaging in a variety of illegal activities in both Greece and Turkey. In the end, the two were apprehended in Athens.

Murders in Nepal & India

Charles and Marie-Andrée entered Nepal on Hemker and Bintaja’s passports on December 18, 1975, the day their bodies were identified. They committed murder in Nepal on December 21 and 22, 1975, and then traveled to Thailand with Laurent and Connie’s passports. Upon his return, Charles figured out that he was being thought by his relatives (Yannick, Jacques, and Rennelleau) after they found Pattaya casualties’ archives at Charles’ condo. Charles was reported to the police by his companions. Charles, Leclerc, and Ajay all made their way to Calcutta, India, where he killed Israeli scholar Avoni Jacob.

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Sobhraj used Avoni’s passport to travel to Singapore, India, and then back to Bangkok in 1976. Sobhaj was questioned about the murders in Pattaya in Bangkok, but he was not charged; Authorities reportedly feared that charging Charles would hurt Thailand’s tourism industry. The Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg and his then-wife, Angela Kane, were looking into the murders in Pattaya and suspected Charles at the same time. After building a case against Charles, Kippenberg conducted an investigation that lasted a month and yielded comprehensive evidence of Charles’ drug use and murder.

Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj’s Release From Nepal Jail

Kathmandu: Charles Sobhraj, a Frenchman of Vietnamese and Indian descent, will remain in Nepal’s prison for one more day because immigration officials on Thursday said they couldn’t find a place to stay for the notorious serial killer, who is expected to be deported after his release on the orders of the supreme court.

On Wednesday, a joint bench consisting of justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Tilak Prasad Shrestha ordered Charles Sobhraj, 78, to be released from jail. He must be turned over to the Immigration Department, despite the fact that everything has been cleared for his release from jail. His attorney, Gopal Shivakoti Chintan, stated, “The immigration authorities have requested to postpone his release until Friday because they need to prepare for his accommodation.”

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A provision in the law allows for the release of prisoners who have served 75% of their sentence and demonstrated good character while in prison. In his petition, Charles Sobhraj claimed that he had served his time in prison in accordance with the “concessions” that Nepal’s senior citizens are entitled to. He claimed that he had already completed 17 of the 20 years he had been incarcerated for and had been recommended for release due to his good behavior. In August 2003, Charles Sobhraj was discovered in a Kathmandu casino and taken into custody. After a trial, he was given a life sentence for the murder.

Charles Sobhraj Favorite Things

Food Chicken Cafreal
Actor Charlie Chaplin
Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

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Net Worth

Earning 1-5 Million
Net Worth 11.67 Crore
Controversies Unknown

Charles Sobhraj Social Media Accounts

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Charles Sobhraj Wiki FAQ’S

What is the true story of Charles Sobhraj?

It is thought that Sobhraj murdered at least 20 tourists in South and Southeast Asia, including 14 in Thailand.

How did the serpent get caught?

Sobhraj was arrested not long after and given a life sentence in 2004 for the killing of Connie Jo Bronzich, a 29-year-old American, in 1975. He was convicted in 2014 of the 1975 murder of Laurent Carrière, a 26-year-old Canadian.

Why is Charles Sobhraj free?

Sobhraj was driven out of Central Jail in Kathmandu by a cavalcade of police cars a little after midday, Ishwari Prasad Pandey, a jailor at the Central Jail, told Reuters.

What is Charles Sobhraj doing now?

Charles Sobhraj, a convicted killer known as “the Serpent” who police believe targeted western backpackers on the hippie trail in the 1970s, has returned to France after nearly two decades behind bars in Nepal, BFM TV reported.

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