‘Charlie’s Angel’ Drew Barrymore has tried EVERYTHING in bedroom… read on | People News

New Delhi: When it comes to doing the act in the bedroom, Drew Barrymore has done it all, the Hollywood actor recently revealed during her podcast.

According to People magazine, while chatting with Ross Matthews on her podcast `Drew`s News` about the Netflix series `How to Build a Sex Room`, Barrymore said, “I`m a dirty bird … but just in the corners of my mind where I never will tell and it`s just for me.”

“I can understand certain kinky things… Listen, I`ve tried everything. I`ve done everything — that`s why I`m so boring now,” continued the 47-year-old actor.

“I don`t know if I was into it or not — I just wanted to try everything,” she added, when Ross asked her whether she was ever surprised about being into certain things in the bedroom.

Barrymore`s comments come one month after she opened up in a blog post to provide further context after saying she can go “years” without sex.

She made the statement in September on her daytime talk show while discussing Andrew Garfield being celibate for six months to prepare for his role in 2016`s `Silence`, reported People magazine.”I was like, `What`s wrong with me that six months doesn`t seem like a very long time?` I was like, `Yeah, so?` ” Barrymore said at the time.

In her October blog post, she wrote, “I`m sure that there was one point in my life where six months might have seemed extreme, but I`m on the other side of that now,” explaining that she has “very different feelings about intimacy” as an adult now “than I did growing up.”

As per People magazine, she went on to say she “searched [her] whole life” to understand the difference between sex and love, and had a revelation about it with her therapist, who told her, “Sex is not love. It is the expression of love.”

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