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An employee receives an experience certificate from their employer, which serves as a record of their time spent working for the company. A certificate of experience can be utilized to obtain a new job as well as a raise in pay. Every experience certificate format includes information such as the employee’s name, the organization’s name, the employee’s designation, and the duration of their employment; some experience certificates also include compensation information.

A resigned employee must receive an experience certificate format/relieving letter on or before the day of full and final settlements.

Students and Employees can learn more about certificates and the several sorts that are used for academic, professional, and other purposes.

Experience Certificate’s Specifications

The following are some of the details that should be mentioned in an experience certification format:

  • The duration of time you worked for the previous company and how long you stayed with them
  • Designation
  • Nature of Responsibilities/Duties Assumed
  • Dedication to the position

A standard template/experience certificate format is provided below for issuing an Experience Certificate from an employer.

The following is an example of how to write an experience certificate for a teacher:

Experience Certificate Format

 To Whomsoever Concerned

I hereby certify that Mr. ……………………. was employed as a ____________ with our organization, __________ for the last 5 years, starting from 15.01.2016 to 10.09.2021.

The role Mr. _________ had in our organization was extremely valuable for our growth. His vision was extraordinary, and he contributed to the robustness and remarkableness of our product. In addition, he possesses great problem-solving abilities as well as strong interpersonal skills. We are sure that Mr. ________ will be an excellent employee and will showcase the same level of dedication he had to our organization.

Mr. _________ annual CTC: INR 12,00,000 LPA

We congratulate him on his achievements and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Date: XX/XX/2021


Mr.Vishal Sharma

Vice President

New way Software Ltd.

Experience Certificate

Sample Experience Certificate Specification

When an employee requests an experience letter, most private organizations dismiss the request, yet it should be given to the employee. Because our experience certificate format is inexpensive and time-saving, it can be utilized by both private and government organizations.

It features a section detailing several types of information, such as the candidate’s date of arrival into the organization, his date of departure, how he worked, and what kind of work he accomplished.

As a result, your new employer will have no trouble comprehending your past work experience without becoming frustrated. It is also crucial for new employees who are considering changing careers, and it aids in the updating of information on your application.

The name of the company, the date of hire, the job description, and the job duties and responsibilities are all listed on the certificate. An electronic signature is present on an employee experience certificate, which is advantageous because it is difficult to fake without the signature.

Benefits of Experience Certificate

It is both preventable and understandable, regardless of whether it is for personal or professional usage. We’ve chosen the best structure for our character reference letter template so that you can fill it out quickly and the hiring manager can grasp it immediately. If the young generation has struggled in the past, this diploma will undoubtedly aid them in their job search.

It is the ideal credential that properly demonstrates your love and interest in your profession. It is the finest one to utilize because it will boost the value of your CV and, as a result, your chances of landing a job.

Tips to Remember When Writing an Experience Certificate Letter

The experience certificate format letter verifies that the individual has worked for the company and completed all of the tasks and obligations allocated to him or her. The important or satisfying contribution in the organization, as well as the identified strength, may be included in the experience certificate. There is no set framework for writing an experience letter. Every organization is free to use its own format. However, the following is a list of general topics that should be included in the experience letter:

  • Use The company letterhead should appear at the top of the letter, along with the organization’s name. The letterhead should also include information about the company, such as its address, phone number, email address, website address, and company registration number.
  • The employee’s name and address are as follows: HR should double-check that the employee’s name is spelled correctly on the document. Employees may have issues getting papers approved in their next workplace if there is a name mistake.
  • Date: Ascertain that the paper was prepared on a specific date. Position, duration, and specifics of the responsibilities carried out by the job. Many businesses overlook these crucial factors. However, they must realize that it is critical to provide all work data in the experience letter for the employee’s record.

Finally, we’ll say this: This ending comment should be both official and courteous. It could include a wish for the employee’s future success. This sentence has the potential to make a significant difference in an employer’s personnel selection process.


When applying for a managerial position, and experience certificate is required. Every employer desires high-quality, experienced personnel to manage the organization’s critical procedures. As a result, when it comes to hiring, every company prioritizes experienced employees.

An experience certificate template ensures that you have chosen someone who has worked in the same job or task for a number of months or years. He or she can more effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of the planned job. Furthermore, by choosing an experienced individual for the task, you are ensuring a larger possibility of success. There are some jobs where hiring a recent graduate is unaffordable since it would be dangerous.

An experienced employee can effortlessly execute specified work with minimal supervision from the employer. That is why a certificate of experience is included with the resume.

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