Google Chat enables multiple media sharing on its mobile app: Key details

If you have been using Google Chat app on mobile, then you must be aware of how tedious it can be to share multiple media files. More so, when it comes to video. It looks like Google is set to solve this problem as it has announced that users will now be able select and send multiple videos and images while messaging on the Chat mobile app. Users can also access the multi-send feature on the Gmail app. A user can now send up to 20 photos or videos in a single message. Previously, Google Chat users were allowed to send only one image or video per message. Apart from this, the company has also added some new improvements to the Google Meet app for both Android and iOS devices.
Google Chat multi-send feature: Availability
The Google Chat multi-send feature is now available for all iPhone users. The feature has also been rolled out for Android devices and is expected to arrive for all users within September 30. The multi-send feature is yet to arrive for users on the web version of Chat.

The last remaining web version of Hangouts will stop working from November and Google might be preparing Chat by adding all the important features that will help in the smoother transition.
Improvements added to Google Meet mobile app
Another Google Workspace tool, Google Meet has also been updated with new improvements. Earlier this year, the multi-pinning option was made available for Meet in Chrome, now the feature is rolling out for the mobile version of the platform.

This feature will now allow both Android and iPhone users to pin the video tiles of up to three participants that they want to see on their screens at all times during a meeting.
The Google Meet mobile app will also add some picture-in-picture improvements for both Android and iOS users.

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