Google Pixel’s new bug is affecting various display-related features

Last week, a severe vulnerability was discovered on Google’s Pixel phones which would allow attackers to bypass the lock screen of these devices without the user knowing about it. Now, another set of bugs is causing some issues for both Pixel 6 and 7 series users. Several Reddit users have pointed out problems in their Pixel handsets which are related to some display features of the devices. Here we have listed the problems that some Pixel phone users are reportedly facing:
Auto-rotation issue on some Pixel phones
According to a report by PhoneAreana, a new bug is affecting the auto-rotating feature (that changes the view from portrait to landscape) on devices from both Pixel 6 and 7 lineups. The report also mentions that the issue was replicated in the YouTube app of a Pixel 6 Pro smartphone.
This bug is forcing several users (as reported on Reddit) to tap on the little box (on the lower right of the display) in portrait mode to manually change the video into landscape orientation, even when the auto-rotate feature is enabled on the phone.

Some users have also noticed that on sliding up a YouTube video from the bottom in portrait mode, the image automatically flips into the landscape orientation.
A few users have also claimed that the issue isn’t limited to Pixel devices as the same problem was visible on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as well. The Samsung user also suggested that this issue may not be an Android bug and might be related to the YouTube app on Android. The report also notes that the issue seems to be quite widespread.
Tap-to-wake feature not working on some Pixel devices
Another Reddit user has pointed out that the tap-to-wake feature on Pixel phone is not working properly all the time. The user also mentions that the feature works 85-90 per cent of the time but the issue with the feature for the rest of the time is “noticeable and annoying.”
The Quarterly Pixel Feature Drop update which is the next update for the Pixel lineup is expected to be rolled out on December 5. This new update is likely to eliminate some of these bugs to stop the issues caused by them.

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