How to add a voiceover to screen recordings on iPhone

Screen recording is quite a handy feature on the iPhone. There are times when someone might just ask how a particular feature or setting works on an iPhone. One can then record the screen and show a video of how it actually works. However, at times that’s also not enough. Here’s where the VoiceOver feature comes in as you can easily add to make screen recording better.
Before one adds a VoiceOver to a screen recording or do a simple recording, there’s a simple shortcut that needs to be known. One can add the Screen Recording button in the control Centre. To add that just head to Settings and go to Control Centre. You can choose the Screen Recording button and it will be added to the Control Centre.
Here are the steps to keep in mind to add a VoiceOver to screen recordings on iPhone:

That’s it. A VoiceOver will be added to the screen recording.

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