Nothing Ear (stick) teased: What to expect and other details

Carl Pei’s Nothing has shown a glimpse of its next product, which looks as distinct as its previous offerings. Starting with Ear (1) last year, the company unveiled its second product, the Nothing Phone (1), earlier this year, both sharing the same transparent design language. Now, the third product and second pair of earbuds, the Ear (stick), seem to follow the trend of transparency.
First showcased at Chet Lo’s SS23 London Fashion Week runway, the Nothing Ear (stick) has a cylindrical charging case resembling the form factor of a stick, thus stick. The company teases the Ear (stick) as “supremely comfortable” and”exquisitely unique.” Similar to the Nothing Ear (1) and Phone (1), the Ear (stick) can be seen as having a transparent case, with the usual ‘Nothing’ branding.

Nothing says classic cosmetic silhouettes inspire the upcoming Ear (stick) charging case. However, it would not be the first time we have seen a cylindrical charging case for earbuds.
A cheaper Nothing Ear (1)?
Although we have not got a look at the earbuds, the rumours suggest they will look very much the same as before, but without silicone ear tips. It is also believed that the earbuds would not offer active noise cancellation. Also, chances are that the Nothing Ear (stick) would not support wireless charging, a key feature of the Ear (1), because of its cylindrical form factor.
If this turns out to be true, the Nothing Ear (stick) could be priced well below the Ear (1) and not replace the company’s first earbuds. However, there is no confirmation from Nothing as of now, so we suggest waiting till the Ear (stick) goes official.
The Nothing Ear (stick) is expected to be completely revealed “later this year.”

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