Relieving Letter Format download pdf online in 2022

When an employee leaves an organization, the employer issues a Relieving letter to the employee. It is an official document sent to the employee stating that his or her notice period has ended and that he or she has left the prior employer after fulfilling all relevant formalities. On the last day of employment, a relieving letter format is written on the company’s letterhead.

Relieve Letters are also known as experience letters and are a compulsory document when applying for new jobs. When an employee wants to work for another organization, he or she must provide physical documentation that he or she has formally resigned from their former position.

The employer issues a Relieving Letter to an employee on the last working day or at the employee’s request. This relieving letter format must be printed on the letterhead of the company where an employee worked and signed by an authorized person, such as the company’s HR manager.

How To Write A Relieving Letter

We’ve already discussed how crucial a relieving letter is for an employee in this article. A relieving letter format must also contain all of the relevant information and be signed by an authorized signatory.
The following information must be included in a relieving letter format:

  1. Employee ID
  2. Employees’s Designation
  3. Employee name, address, and contact details
  4. Promotion details if there are any promotions,
  5. Last date of the employment
  6. Seal and Signature of the company

Relieving Letter Request Email Format

Here’s an example of a request for experience email, as well as a format of relieving letter for your reference. You can send a relief request email to your manager using the sample below.


This is in response to my resignation from the post of Accounts Manager, Emp ID:7789/CT/20, on September 23, 2021. I’d like to request that you release my relieving letter as soon as possible. All of my handover and leaving formalities, including the 30-day notice period, have been fulfilled.
It was my last day with the company September 23,2021.I’d also like to use this occasion to express my gratitude for your help and advice during my stay at the organization.I need to submit the reliving letter to my new organization by October 1,2021, therefore please release the experience letter/relieving letter as soon as possible.
Thank you and best wishes

Sample of Relieving Letter Format

Relieving letter request mail request you can send to your employer using the below relieving letter template..

Date: November 21,2021

Mr. Garvit Arora
C-39 Link Road Robert Lane

Subject: Request for Relieving Letter

Dear Mr.Garvit Arora,

This is in response to your resignation letter dated November 15, 2021, in which you requested that your services be terminated on November 24, 2021. We’d like to let you know that your resignation has been accepted, and you’ll be freed of your Senior Associate position with Company Name as of November 24, 2021.
In the next 20 days, your full and final payout will be processed and credited to the account you specified during your employment. We thank you for your contributions to Company Name and wish you well in your future endeavors.

Thanks and Regards,
HR Manager.
Beebliss Media & Software Ltd.

Important of Relieving Letter

Only once the employee has successfully finished his notice period, handover requirements, and settled all of his dues are letters sent. Prospective employers frequently request a releasing letter from job candidates to guarantee that the applicant owes no obligations to his previous employer and is free to join a new one.

Job seekers who do not have a proper relieving letter from their previous work are not permitted to join a new company. A relieving letter is one of the most crucial documents that job applicants must submit when they are ready to start working for a new company.

A relieving letter can only be issued by the HR department’s relevant authority. In order to complete their handover formalities, personnel must get a NOC and a No Due Certificate. HR can send a releasing letter once the employee has submitted all NOCs obtained from all stakeholder departments.

Generally, you do not need to ask your employer for a release letter. You can get a relieving letter along with other documentation once you’ve fulfilled all of your leave obligations. If you’ve resigned from your job and completed all of the required handover procedures but have yet to receive your relieving letter, also known as an experience letter, it’s time to approach your manager and HR for one. You can simply email them and request the relieving letter.

This letter is an important document sent to a company when someone leaves the company. It is a formal communication between the company and the corporation for the purpose of accepting the resignation letter. This is significant because an employee is required to submit a release letter from their previous employer before starting a new job. This serves as documented evidence that the employee left the previous employer without incident.

Several employers establish bonds/contracts with you when they hire you, specifically saying that your research/innovative works will be theirs during your time with them. This also implies that you will not be released from the bond without the letter.

The document is critical for explicitly resigning and being relieved of a company’s responsibilities. It’s normally sent out on your last day of work, although it’s not uncommon for firms to send it out 40-60 days later, along with a payslip for the entire and final settlement.

Final Thought!

A relieving letter from your old employer is necessary, particularly if your new employer is more professional and rigorous. This letter will allow them to see your genuine potential while also letting them know that you are no longer employed by your previous firm. So, if your firm does not provide the letter, make sure you know how to get one and what a relieving letter is so you may start fresh in your new workplace without any problems or hassles.

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