ReshaMandi app: Farm-to-fashion app for iPhone users launched

ReshaMandi deals in the farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem developed for natural fibres. Now, the company has launched an app for iPhone users in India. As per the company, the ReshaMandi app has been downloaded by about 34,000 users, 40% of whom have used the app’s payment functionality and have received payment confirmations via the app.
ReshaMandi app: Availability
The iOS app is available in five Indian languages, which include Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi.

ReshaMandi app: How it helps users
According to company claims, 95% of ReshaMandi’s farmer base is using the app to map the transactions on the platform. The weaver community has over 5000 saree SKUs listed on the app and can communicate and distribute to a sizable retailer base. The app now offers support for four categories, including fabric, home and living, apparel, and sarees.
ReshaMandi offers custom solutions with technological interventions to all of its stakeholders as part of its interest in total supply chain management, which is essential for their development.

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