Everything You Need to Know About Tragus Piercing

Sometimes you could employ a handy tiny flap of cartilage that is just in front of your ear canal when you block your ears you have a tragus.

Typically, the tragus is shaped like a rounded triangle. According to the individual, it can have different sizes and shapes. Some people have a noticeable tragus, while others barely have one at all. Moreover, it makes an extremely adorable piercing.

A simple cartilage stud with even the smallest gemstone creates a look that is both subtle and eye-catching because of the tragus piercing’s distinctive position.

Because of its closeness to the ear canal, the tragus is vulnerable to the microorganisms that ear wax and dead skin cells carry. Moreover, because cartilage receives less circulation than fleshier tissues, it is more likely to become infected and develop scar tissue. As a result, piercing aftercare requirements are a little stricter than for other types of piercings.

Don’t allow the fact that the tragus piercing is not suitable for everyone to deter you. To help you determine if the tragus piercing is right for you, here is all you need to know about it.

Does A Tragus Piercing Hurt

Although the tragus’ cartilage is thicker, getting it pierced doesn’t feel any more than getting it pierced elsewhere in the cartilage, so if you’ve already had your helix, auricle, conch, or another piercing in the ear cartilage, you should be aware of the pain level.

The tragus is close to the ear canal, so in addition to the piercing’s discomfort and pressure, you’ll probably hear a pop as the needle enters. This can be a little unsettling for some people.

Like with any piercing, the intensity of discomfort is frequently influenced by the piercer’s skill. Choose a piercer who is patient, skilled, and capable of easing you through the procedure if you’re anxious.

Tragus Piercing Healing Time

It will take several months for the tragus to recover. Although the healing process for cartilage is infamously unpredictable, the tragus typically recovers in two to three months. However, some people report taking up to a year to fully recover, so keep an eye on your piercing and consult a piercer if you have any doubts. Remember that piercings take longer to heal on the inside, so even though they appear to have healed on the outside, there may still be some healing required.

Tragus piercing Aftercare Rules

As was already discussed, the tragus healing process necessitates stringent aftercare procedures. It is particularly vulnerable to infection and scarring due to the cartilage’s difficulties in mending and its proximity to the ear canal, which is full of germs. These are some aftercare guidelines specific to tragus piercings in addition to general aftercare guidelines.

Use caution when using your headphones. Each new piercing that is subjected to pressure damages the region and increases the risk of problems. Headphones frequently create pressure on the fresh piercing since the tragus is so near to the ear canal.

Long-term exposure to even slight pressure might lead to problems. You may use earbuds, but make sure they aren’t too tight on the backing of your jewelry. Make sure the headphone cushions go around your ear and do not contact the tragus if you wish to wear headphones.

Be cautious when you sleep. Avoid lying on your piercings at night. Sleeping on your side increases pressure on the earring similarly to wearing headphones.

Try to restrict the amount of time you spend on your side if you must. To avoid hazardous microorganisms, you should also make sure that your bedding is kept clean.

Keep the jewelry in place. Although this is a general guideline, it is especially crucial for cartilage piercings. Moving the jewelry interferes with the healing process and damages the skin, which can result in piercing bumps. You can carefully remove them with a salt bath or saline solution to prevent crustiest.

Maintain a clean ear. The purpose of earwax is to protect the eardrum from germs and other external objects that might damage it. It halts hazardous agents in their tracks. This indicates that earwax contains substances you don’t want close to your piercing.

Jewelry for Tragus Piercing

The most popular size for tragus piercings is 16G, however, other options include 18G and 14G. Speak with your piercer about your possibilities, since the size relies on both personal desire and the size of your tragus. Keep in mind that stretching a piercing is simpler than shrinking one.

The most popular jewelry designs for the tragus piercing by far are cartilage studs. The tragus’ distinctive placement speaks for itself; all it takes to make this piercing sparkle is a little gemstone or charm that protrudes from the tragus. To avoid the jewelry’s back poking into your ear canal, you should often pick a stud with a flat disc backing, however, you can also go with a bead backing. For an alternative that has a similar appearance to the cartilage stud, choose a little straight barbell.

But, there are other options than cartilage studs. Some choose a sleek, seamless hoop, while others take a more daring approach with a captive bead ring or another gorgeous hoop alternative.

Why Shouldn’t I Get A Tragus Piercing?

Careful aftercare procedures are necessary for tragus piercing. If you are aware that you cannot keep to a cleaning plan, do not purchase it.

Everybody’s tragus is unique and has a different form. This piercing might not be achievable if your tragus is too thin, too tiny, or in a challenging place. Speak to your piercer about more interesting cartilage piercing alternatives for the tragus area, such as the anti-tragus.

It might not be the best first piercing because getting your tragus pierced can be a bit scary. Try something a bit simpler so you won’t be put off by piercings.

During the healing process, cartilage lumps may develop, and some of them may need to be surgically removed. You might want to reconsider getting your tragus pierced if you’ve already experienced keloids or other lumps in your cartilage piercings.

Cost of Tragus Piercing

Typically, the cost of the piercing is between 2,000 INR and 4,000 INR. The jewelry will also need to be purchased. Choose metals like 14k gold or stainless steel that are gentle on the skin. Although these jewelry selections will cost more, they will promote joyful healing, whilst less costly metals run the danger of being rejected by your body.

Be certain to locate a skilled piercer. Professional piercers will make the procedure less painful and utilize uncontaminated instruments. Verify that the piercer uses a needle rather than a piercing gun. The harsh force used by piercing guns to push the jewelry through the ear can cause cartilage lumps and other healing issues, and they retain infection.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is tragus piercing good for a headache?

With a tragus piercing, the cartilage that partially covers your ear canal is punctured with a hoop or stud. The tragus itself is situated just under the daith, another piece of ear cartilage that is frequently pierced. A well-liked alternative therapy for migraines is daith piercings.

2. What does getting a tragus piercing mean?

Those who have tragus piercings give off an energetic, vibrant vibe. You can be referred to as the party animal. You have the power to cheer up everyone around you just by showing off your beautiful whites.

3. Is tragus piercing good for anxiety?

The shen men and daith piercings have both been reported to reduce anxiety, while the tragus piercing has been associated with weight loss and headache alleviation.

4. Is tragus piercing for weight loss?

A tragus piercing, according to widespread rumours, could hasten your weight reduction by triggering pressure points that regulate your desires and hunger. Yet, there is no study to support these assertions.

5. Tragus piercing will it close up?

Due to the nature of cartilage, tragus piercings heal more slowly than lobe piercings. Between six and twelve months, you may anticipate your piercing to be entirely healed. Keep earrings in while you recuperate, since the hole might seal over fast in the first several months.

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