Twitter-rival Koo claims to log over a million downloads within 48 hours of its Brazil launch

Koo, the Indian multilingual microblogging platform, says that it has logged in over 1 million downloads within 48 hours of its launch in Brazil. The app made its debut in the market with the support of Portuguese language making the Twitter-rival app available in a total of 11 native languages.
Koo also says that the app occupied the top spot on both the Android Play Store and Apple App Store for the last few days. “Koo looks to further cement its position globally by making the app available to more countries and launching in multiple global languages,” it said.
Over 2 million Koos in 2 days
Koo is claimed to have witnessed 2 million Koos and 10 million likes within 48 hours by users in Brazil alone. Celebrities including Claudia Leitte, actor Babu Santana, author Rosana Hermann as well as news portal Choquei joined Koo App. Celebrity Felipe Neto became the most followed personality in two days with more than 4,50,000 followers on the platform.

Second largest microblogging platform globally
Recently it was reported that Koo emerged as the second largest microblogging platform in the world after witnessing an influx of users in users, time spent and user engagement. Launched in March 2020, the platform recently clocked 50 million downloads.
The company has granted over 7,500 yellow ticks of eminence and a lakhs of green self verification ticks to increase transparency and credibility on the platform.
New features on Koo
Koo recently rolled out four new features: 10 Profile pictures, Schedule a Koo, Save drafts and Save a Koo. Users on Koo can now upload up to 10 profile pictures which auto-play when someone visits the user’s profile. Creators can now schedule a Koo making it easy for creators to avoid crowding the feed of their followers.
Creators who are unsure of the content that they want to post can save a draft of their Koos so that they can revisit it and make necessary changes before posting them. Users can now save a Koo instead of the usual reactions such as Like, Comment, Re-Koo or Share.

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